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Enjoy that flawless airbrush look everyday, not just for special occasions and not just for the experts with our HD Home Use Airbrush Make-Up System.

Home Use Airbrushing Kit

Beauty Addicts

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  • “Finally, make-up is being taken as a serious career with more talented and creative individuals than ever before learning the art in college and increasing numbers of people retraining and entering the industry through private schools.⠀
Whether you want to be a TV and Film artist, major on photography or focus on bridal clients, there will be a niche for you. Decide what market you want to focus on and with drive and determination you can get there.⠀
If you are considering beauty and bridal make-up, take a look at our Top 5 Reasons to become a Bridal make-up artist”
  • For those who've asked our training for just £50+VAT is the 'Introductory Course for Airbrushing Make-Up' and includes the following...⠀⠀
...airbrush control • application of airbrush foundation • concealing techniques • highlighting and contouring techniques • application of blush and bronze • coverage of skin complaints • caring for your airbrush.⠀⠀
Duration: One day.⠀⠀
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Training Locations Nationwide including… ⠀⠀
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Training Locations Nationwide including… ⠀
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Home Use

Explore the beauty of a Fast and Flawless Airbrush Make-Up at Home

Enjoy that flawless airbrush look everyday, not just for special occasions and not just for the experts.

The easy to use and maintain airbrush and compressor** comes with minimal fuss; all beautifully presented in an exquisite lightweight portable vanity unit and accessorised perfectly with an LED lit mirror.

The Exclusive HD Home Use Airbrush Make-Up System includes:

  • Mirrored Vanity Unit and Airbrush Compressor
  • High Definition Airbrush
  • 30ml Thinner & Cleaner
  • 3 x 10ml Make-up Products*
  • 1 x Mini Eye Shadow Palette
  • Detailed User Instructions


*Choose from 7 beautiful shades of Foundation, Pink Blush, Peach Blush or Bronze.
**12 months warranty.

Silicone based foundation is workable

Because Airbase Foundation is Silicone based, it can be 'moved' for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application, so you have a moment to perfect your base.

You can build upon each layer to create the perfect coverage

Once set, you can build up the coverage of silicone foundation just like any other with the added benefit of its forgiving nature.

Silicone based foundation provides unrivalled durability

It's true. Silicone foundation really does stand the test of time on set, on shoot and in every day life! It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up its unrivalled durability. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all-day making Airbase perfect for bridal beauty.

Silicone based make-up is heat resistant

In particular it is the heat resistance that makes silicone foundations so popular in the world of TV and film as it stands up to the intense heat of studio lighting.

Allows skin to breathe

Airbase Foundation does not clog pores and allows skin to breathe.

Luxurious feel and lightweight on the skin

Last but not least, Airbase Silicone Foundation feels luxurious on the skin and is incredibly lightweight.

High Definition Airbrush

High Definition Airbrush

10ml Foundation


10ml Blush


10ml Bronze


30ml Airbrush Thinner & Cleaner

30ml Airbrush Thinner & Cleaner

Mini Eye Shadow Palette

Mini Eye
Shadow Palette

Airbase Make-Up is loved by...

As well as glamorous celebs like Amy Childs, Rihanna, Katy B, Tes Daly and Katherine Kelly, Airbase Make-Up is also loved by Professional Make-up Artists like Julia Carta and Mariam Jensen to create "Flawless Starlets" on the X Factor...

@julia_carta: “Been working magic with @MariamJensen & @MoiyaSaintTan today using @AirbaseMakeUp! #xfactorbeauty @XFACTORSTYLE


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