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Flawless results... at home

Enjoy that flawless airbrush look everyday, not just for special occasions and not just for the experts.

The easy to use and maintain airbrush and compressor comes with minimal fuss; all beautifully presented in an exquisite lightweight portable vanity unit and accessorised perfectly with an LED lit mirror.

The combination of a stunningly designed make-up and smooth natural finish delivered by an airbrush makes Airbase perfect for everyday long lasting make-up and occasion make-up.

While Airbase is the choice of many professionals, its ease of use makes it popular as a take-home product. Take a look at the video to see how easily it is applied. A skill that is as easy to replicate at home as a standard make-up application.


  • Win, the 'Make-up Artist's Secret Weapon' to a Flawless Complexion

    After the recent re-launch of our HD system, we're launching our Gemini competition to win, not one but two, High Definition Home Use Airbrush Make-Up Systems - one for you and one for a flawless friend!

  • Airbase Make-Up at Urban Retreat, Harrods

    Acknowledged by many as the ‘ultimate hair and beauty destination’, Urban Retreat is a beauty paradise with a range of luxury treatments and services as well as premium retail products from the world’s finest beauty houses including yours truly.

  • Desk to Dressing Table, Day to Night Make-up at your Desk.

    Sometimes we just don't have the time to rush home and get ready for an after work dinner or drinks with friends. So lets transform your desk to a dressing table and show you how to take your Airbase look from day to night at your desk
  • Airbrush Cuppa Challenge

    Hooray! It’s National Hot Tea Month

    And we at Airbase just love a good ‘cuppa’, and with the recent snow and much cooler temperatures (brrrrrrr), we’ve all been huddling our mugs at head office and making the most of this traditional ‘British trait’.  

  • How to Airbrush around the Eyes

    Jenny Buckland, gives tips on how to airbrush around the eyes to fill in dark circles using Airbase Make-Up.

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