Makeup application via airbrush during a pandemic

Let’s talk sanitation. It’s no secret that we are living in a society that demands extra precautions for both you and your client. Whilst working as a pro MUA you will be aware of the most common hygiene practices, most of which were covered in Anni Buchannan’s recent communication to our fast and flawless team. But we want to expand on one; the airbrush makeup gun.

The airbrush makeup gun is the most hygienic way to apply makeup

Fact. Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun and compressor. Instead of being applied with sponges, brushes or fingers. Application is created by airflow which atomises the foundation and applies it to the face, neck (and/or body if desired). The makeup artist controls the application via the airflow, which is managed by a trigger on the gun. It is the most hygienic way to apply foundation.

Flawless coverage without touching the skin

Airbrush makeup is the only application method that allows you to build coverage without the need to touch the skin; not a makeup brush in sight. The fast and flawless application builds a high definition finish that is imperceptible to the lens, superior to most makeup brush applications.

You can airbrush eyes and lips too

Become a pro and learn airbrush techniques that mean you can maximise the hygiene levels in your application. Consider foundation and contouring a starting point and progress to airbrushing eyes and lips.

Beginners collection starts at just £49, if you want to ‘give it a go’ before committing.

Offer peace of mind by adding this fast and flawless tool to your makeup kit, not only is this the most hygienic application, which is now more important than ever – applications cost as little as £1, with airbrush makeup commanding a higher price point there really are attractive profits to be made too. WE've inserted our favourites below for you.

Pro airbrush makeup kits are the most hygienic way to apply makeup

Fresh clean towels, use of disposables (such as mascara wands), decanting makeup into trays and sanitising your hands/tools are the key priorities and it goes without saying, that airbrushing makeup is not a replacement for good hygiene in your work, but it will help to reduce the risk to you and your client greatly.