Silicone based airbrush foundation used in the creation of 'Pull of power; of strength and restraint'

International MUA Beverly McColgan has created a striking airbrushed look using our very own silicone based high definition airbrush make-up.

Commissioned by Swedish Label, Nor Autonom the brief was as simple as 'pull of power; of strength and restraint.' Beverly knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and discussed Michelangelo's David for the colour and reflection of alabaster skin, creating a strong form that could be defined with shading and some fabulous lighting effects.

Airbrush Foundation in contrasting shades

Beverly's choice of foundation was of course Airbase Make-Up. Airbrushing 'Lucas' would create a flawless finish effortlessly and provide the marble effect Nor Autonom desired. Airbase's silicone based foundation in shade 00 Porcelain, combined with shade 06 Ebony would contrast beautifully allowing for some depth in the contours created.

“Airbase had only just released shade 00 Porcelain and I was determined to use it on the shoot, as the client wanted a marble feel that was also translucent. I explained the added benefits that the make-up will last on the skin even with constant changes in costume and under the intense heat created by the studio lights.“


Photographer Mathias Sterner joined creative forces with Nicholas Richard to photograph the airbrushed beauty

The team worked together to build the exact lighting environment combined with the exact level of translucency to the 00 Porcelain Foundation.

“We all worked together slowly building up the base to get the exact level of light reflection. After a few test shots we were all happy with the opacity and light reflection. I sculpted the existing muscular contours on Mikas model Lucas, with Airbase Foundation shade 06 Ebony.“


Even if we say so ourselves, they certainly achieved the desired effect - the male form presented as a "fetished body, a classic and kinky beauty."

... is it getting hot in here?

Products used to create this look:

Airbase Airbrush
• Airbase Foundation Shades 00 Porcelain and 06 Ebony.