Spring is finally here and whether you're looking for fashion forward make-up, or something a little bit more wearable, I’m loving the multitude of pink shades in my Satin Eye Shadow Palette.

It’s always great to play around with colour this time of year, opting for something bold and beautiful. My trusty make-up side kick, Emma Brooks and I have come up with these tips for you to try out this season, taking inspiration from the stunning flower wall built specifically for a Team Glam shoot. 

Be Bold

Pick your strongest shade and work with it. Make it the focal point of your make-up and build the rest of your look around it.

Start with a more neutral shade all over the eyelid. Once this in place, choose a shade of pink and build it onto the crease line. Aim to be daring and oversized, taking the shade right into the eye socket and all the way to the inner corner. Blend with a back and forth motion, to soften, and then add another layer until you are happy with the depth of colour. As these eye shadows are so highly pigmented you shouldn’t need to repeat this excessively.

Use a dark green shadow from the Airbase Make-Up Satin Eye Shadow palette run this along the lash line, making it fairly thick, as you’re going to add a gel liner over the top. Also line underneath the eye with the green shadow to really enhance the shape. Finally, take a lime green shade and place this around the tear ducts. This will add the ‘wow factor’ to the look.

Once all your eye shadows are in place add the black gel liner to the top of the eye and, if you’re using lashes, apply them to finish the look.

Be Beautiful

For a softer, more wearable look we want to use shades that really compliment each other, but still give definition of colour. We kept this look simple by using just three shades from our collection. Apply soft pink all over the eyelid as a base. Build this to a depth that you are happy with, then add a light shade to highlight the brow bone and tear duct, which really opens up the eye. Once complete, use the darkest brown shade and work this into the socket line. There should be no harsh lines with these shadows to achieve the soft look. Run the pink all the way along the underneath of the eye, then add the brown shade to the outer corner and blend these together. You can then add a black gel liner on the lash line and eyelash extensions to complete.

Carla Brooks - Team Glam

Carla Brooks, Team Glam.

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