The purrrfect Halloween makeover!

The ghoulish season is fast approaching and we wanted to give you a bit of creative inspiration to help get you started on creating the perfect Airbrushed Halloween look!

Follow our step-by-step guide and turn you or a friend into a luring leopard using Airbase Make-Up. Purrrfect!

What you'll need to get started...

• Your trusty Airbrush Make-Up kit
Foundation and Bronze
Foundation Brush
High Pigment, Pearl Eye Shadow Palette
• Gel Eye Liner / Eye Liner Pencil (whichever is easier)
• An angled brush to blend and to create some fab flicks
• ... and to finish, some vibrant red lipstick! 

Top tip: Always moisturise and apply a primer before applying make-up!

Step 1: 

Firstly mix together Foundation shade 00 Porcelain, shade 04 Medium Dark and a drop of Bronze and then airbrush onto your face to give the skin a golden glow suitable for the cat look and to bring out the colours of the leopard print.

Step 2: 

Blend the foundation onto the skin with a brush, covering any patches left by the bronzer. Using shade 04 combined with a drop of bronze contour your face downwards starting from your nose, also focusing on your cheek bones.

Create a Luring Leopard look for Halloween

Step 3:

Using the High Pigment, Pearl Eye Shadow palette apply shade 08 into the inner corner of your eye and blend out onto the whole of your eyelid as well as combining shade 02 for a gradient effect.

Step 4: 

Using a combination of shade 18 and 25, blend the shadow up into the crease of your eye, and up towards your brow. Then highlight your brow with shade 08.

Step 5: 

Lightly apply shade 40 on to your eyelid, blending it into the crease, leaving a blend of black to gold colouring. Using a gel eyeliner and an angled brush, create a heavy cat eye flick using your water line as a guide. Coat your lashes with mascara. Fill in your brows depending on how dramatic you wish your look to become; use a combination of brown and black if you want a slightly softer look.

Create a Luring Leopard look for Halloween

Step 6: 

Using the same gel liner as before (a pencil can be used if it's easier) begin to draw small incomplete and uneven circles above the crease to create the signature leopard print pattern this look requires. Try to draw them big enough to allow the gold shadow to show through. Continue to draw them above your brow, gradually making them smaller towards your hairline.

Step 7: 

Using shade 18 from the Pearl Eye Shadow palette lightly fill beneath your water line and line with the gel liner.

Step 8: 

Continue the leopard print down towards your cheek bones, and beneath your eye, leaving a small area around your mouth to leave a 'feline muzzle' look. Then colour your spots! Use a glitter liquid liner to really enhance your spots too for extra sparkle.  Use shades 18 and 11 from the palette to do this.

Create a Luring Leopard look for Halloween | Applying Airbase

Step 9: 

The final touches! Fill in the outline of your cat nose; use a pencil to draw an outline and then fill in with a gel liner. Take the liner down beneath your nose in a small line and outline your lips.

Step 10: 

Place 3 small dots for the whiskers on each side of your mouth. To finish the look shade the corners of your mouth with gel liner for a dramatic effect and then finally blend your red lipstick outwards starting from the middle of your lips.

Create a Luring Leopard look for Halloween

Create a Luring Leopard look for Halloween