Growth enhancing mascara

Here’s the thing, the key to stronger longer lashes actually lies in what you put on them and we’ve found the key.

Growth enhancing super-serum Capixyl®

And we’ve packed our Lash Extend Mascara full of it. Lengthen and enrich your lashes daily with Capixyl® and build the lashes you’ve always wanted. Enhanced with bees wax for added longevity, Lash Extend Mascara strengthens lashes at the roots to prevent lash fall out and gives you thicker lashes, volume is now achievable and not a false lash in sight.

Does this lash extending mascara actually work?

Yes. It does. Market testing on Capixyl® carried out by Unipex produced the following, lashtastic results:

•  70% of subjects using Capixyl® showed denser eyelashes

•  73% of subjects using Capixyl® showed longer lashes

•  76% of subjects using Capixyl® reported lash fringes appeared fuller

•  91% of subjects using Capixyl® reported lashes fall out less.

Airbase Lash Extend Mascara combines the power of growth-enhancing super-serum Capixyl®, with an innovative ‘star’ brush for maximum loading, improved combing and lengthening.

Firm up your lash structure and support your falsies

Lash lovers will know that extensions are the only solution for loud lash volume, you’ll also know that extensions can cause damage to natural lashes too. Lash Extend mascara is the perfect solution to giving your lashes a bit of love – they’ll thank you for the extra strength and reduced fallout and so will your lash technician too!

Lash Extend Mascara is just £22.00.