Make-Up Artists applies Make-up to Bride

Airbrushing remains the most hygienic form or make-up application.

It requires no touching of the face with brushes or fingers and can be applied at a greater working distance. There is no movement of bacteria or other germs around the face with brushes and the stainless-steel airbrush is simple and easy to clean/sterilise.

While much of your work may have been cancelled it is probable that some TV work, photographic work and maybe a wedding or two will proceed as planned. And as the UK gets fatigued with social distancing, work will begin to resume.

"The key is to do whatever you can to reassure your clients that make-up application with and without an airbrush is safe."

Comments, Oscar-nominated MUA - Anni Buchanan.

You can build clients confidence by;

• Contacting your clients and emphasise the steps you are taking to ensure everyone’s safety

• Reassure them that your equipment and workspace is fully sanitised (amplify this message during these times)

• Offer to wear a face mask as you will be in their ‘personal space’.

• Finally, remind them that airbrushing requires no contact with the skin and if they prefer there will be no need to powder, due to the formulation of Airbase Ultra. It is the MOST hygienic way of applying make-up.

Top tips for make-up application during a pandemic

Use disposables wherever possible. Be mindful, not to double-dip.

Powder eyeshadows: Scrape what you need out with a palette knife. While this isn’t ideal, it is the most hygienic approach. Sterilise the knife regularly with IPA cleaner.

Lip Colours: Use a palette knife to get the product you require and put on a dish or similar. Do no use the back of the hand.

Brow Pencils, Lip Liners (Pencils in general): These can be dipped in alcohol to sterilise.

Face Powder: If desired by the client, apply with a disposable sponge. Alternatively, tip onto a palette and apply with a sterilised brush.

Mascara: Use a disposable wand – however, it can be difficult to get enough product to build.

"Ideally sell the client a mascara and use just on them or ask them to bring their own mascara. It really is the easiest and safest way to prevent cross-contamination."

Adds, Oscar-nominated MUA - Anni Buchanan.