Hooray! It’s National Hot Tea Month

And we at Airbase just love a good ‘cuppa’, and with the recent snow and much cooler temperatures (brrrrrrr), we’ve all been huddling our mugs at head office and making the most of this traditional ‘British trait’.  

Because January is renown for challenges and it is of course, National Hot Tea Month, it’s made great fun in the office by way of our latest airbrush make-up challenge.

Can you airbrush your make-up in the time it takes for the kettle to boil?

Being a bit of a tea ‘connoisseur’, Lucy set off with our beloved High Definition Airbrush Make-Up System, a collection of other Airbase colour cosmetics goodies and took the challenge; you’ll have to see below if she managed to do it or not!

Did you know that a hot cup of tea provides a variety of health benefits?

As the office ‘intel’ on tea, Lucy’s drafted a few of her own did you know’s for a healthier tea, making for a much better brew, so when you next flick the kettle on think about the worlds natural leaf and absorb greatness in every sip.

Green Tea aids weight loss

The theory is that green tea, because of the catechin (pronounced "cat E kins") content, has thermogenic properties that promote fat oxidation.

Black tea can ward off persistent cold and flu germs, and viral infections?

Apparently - 3 cups of black tea per day produced 5 times the amount of germ-fighting cells than those who drink coffee, suggesting that tea drinkers have more ability to fight viral infections such as colds and flu than non tea drinkers.