How to Boost Sales (and your Profits) with Airbase Make-Up

Did you know that client retention goes up by up 30% every time you sell a client a retail product?

Plus retail has a much higher profit margin to the salon than service sales do? It’s quick and instant. 

Through becoming a brand ambassador of the Airbase Make-Up you are using to perfect their makeover – you become a secret salesperson. Adding 'touch-up' products to makeovers including lip gloss, and mascara's. To support you in this, we’ve created the ‘Secret to Flawless Beauty’ counter top unit, it provides all our Airbase Salons with a unique way to retail Airbase Make-Up, boost sales and profits.

The ‘secret to flawless beauty stand’ (log in to your professional account to be able to purchase this) fits perfectly on a counter top, allowing you to drive those last-minute purchases that can keep the makeover you’ve created perfected for the rest of the evening.

This eye-catching, not to mention easy to construct, addition to your salon holds 21 of our ‘most loved’ cosmetics products with 25 promotional brochures, plus testers.

All you need to get started retailing Airbase Make-Up

The ‘secret to flawless beauty stand’ includes all you need to get started retailing Airbase Make-Up. The compact stand is designed for the counter and holds £540 of stock at RRP, giving you plenty of profit. 

The retail collection includes:

  • 3 x Mascara Long Wear
  • 3 x Mascara Lash Extend
  • 3 x High Pigment Eye Shadow Palettes (40 Colours)
  • 3 x High Pigment Lip Gloss Palettes
  • 3 x Concealer Palettes
  • 3 x HD Bronze Micro Finish Powder
  • 3 x HD Glow Micro Finish Powder
  • 25 x Promotional Brochures
  • PLUS testers of each. 

All products are available online for restocking, simply log in to your ‘Pro Account‘ and stock up as and when required. If you're not sure how to get one, you can learn more here

Get more for less with incredible bulk buy discounts

With bulk buying discounts now available, you stock up in 3, 6, and 9's and make even bigger profits of up to 45%. Available on all the products in the secret to flawless beauty stand now is the time to join a fully supported retail opportunity with us.

This also means, you don't have to be a salon to join in the retailing benefits. Simply log in to your Pro Account and up your purchase quantity to redeem these savings and make sublime profits retailing our Colour Cosmetics range.

Reasons to Retail Airbase Make-Up…

1. Add invaluable longevity to your core service

When you use Airbase Make-Up to create your clients’ occasion make-up, you’re delivering a complexion perfecting service with professional products that they’ll want to touch up for their special event. Being able to sell the high pigment lip gloss you used to create the look, adds an invaluable longevity to your core service.

2. Meet expectations

Selling retail in a salon is becoming an expectation. Clients employ your services not only to create the perfect makeover, but also to gain valuable advice and tips on future creations at home. We’ve no doubt they’ll want to buy the professional products you’ve used on your recommendation - making this retail package the perfect companion for any MUA or salon.

3. And finally, you’re first!

Airbase Make-Up is currently not available in popular high street department stores. By retailing Airbase Make-Up you truly are the first to offer this professional collection.