This was an issue at the heart of the Airbase airbrush brand at conception. The brief was simple – the range must be inclusive and carry the minimum amount of shades.

Let us solve that for you. Match any skin tone with just 7 shades.

That’s right, just 7. Airbase has an inclusive range of high definition foundations for use through an airbrush (or applied with a brush) ranging from Porcelain to Ebony, with just 5 colours in-between.

The most inclusive range of foundation, here’s the secret…

The secret is an addition of 2 blushers and a bronzer, which, with the same formulation are used to mix with the other 7 colours to enable matching of tones, recognition of undertones for all ethnicities and allowing for the correcting of sallow or warm complexions.

Anni Buchanan, head of product development and Oscar-nominated make-up artist has plied her flawless make-up trade behind the cameras for over 30 years:-

“I developed this range to be fully inclusive and match any skin tone in the world. I knew it was a huge task and even I have been surprised that, with the thousands of faces I have made up over the past few years, there hasn’t been one skin shade that I have been unable to match.”

The best formulation for a flawless foundation – how does it work?

A unique formulation combining vitamin A and vitamin E with a lightweight, breathable silicone. The basis of the Airbase colour system is its 7 foundation shades. Ranging from Porcelain 00 to the Ebony 06, these 7 colours are the starting point for all skin tones. The foundations are generally yellow based, with the exception of a couple of warmer colour undertones.

These yellow tones are then adjusted by mixing in the blush shades to warm colours up or even the bronze if a deep, more olive colour is required.

Combinations of these colours mean that Asian, Oriental, African, Latino and Caucasian shades are all covered.

Sound complicated? It really isn’t.

If your colour isn’t available directly out of the bottle, you can apply your mixology skills to your hearts content to create the perfect shade. If you’re unsure, you can always head to one of our nationwide training courses to perfect this skill.

For optimum results the Airbase range of ‘Ultra’ foundation is best applied through an airbrush, as it atomises into tiny particles which become imperceptible to the naked eye – this creates our signature flawless finish. This also means that our Airbase foundations are more liquid based than high street foundations making them easier to mix.

Top Tip: Liquid foundations are easier to mix, but also allows for easy blending of shades when on the skin using either your fingers or a foundation brush, perfect if you need to patch up your make up or correct an error.

The silicone not only provides excellent longevity and resistance to heat and perspiration; it also ensures amazing coverage with just a light application without sitting in pores or emphasising fine lines.

Finishing your foundations just the way your client likes it

The type of finish is also important for individuals; some preferring a matt finish, others with more of a glow. The Airbase foundation’s default is a satin finish upon application, but the brand ensures the inclusiveness of the range reaches as far as desired finish too. Should you require a more dewy finish then this can be achieved using a heavier moisturiser or the Airbase Illumi Highlighters under the foundation – equally, we also have a mattifying powder, perfect for a matt finish.