Santa's HD Nice List!

Not a moment this year has the term High Definition Beauty left our minds, so as we start to wonder if we made it to Santa’s ‘nice list’ - we know HD flawless gifting will be the top of many wish lists this year, but which do you really deserve?

Dear Santa, I was flawlessly perfect all year – hand on heart.

Definition: You were an angel – most of the time. You’ve effortlessly glided your way through 2017 with a passion for perfection in all you do, and so you deserve our top treat.

Our High Definition Beauty Collection is an amazing complexion perfecting High Definition, beauty bundle. Featuring our best-selling High Definition Home Use System, and a heap of flawless favourites from our high pigment colour collection including; Airbase Ultra Foundation, Concealer, Blush or Bronze, High Pigment Eyeshadows and High Pigment Lip Gloss Palette - pure flawless bliss and makeover heaven.

Our best-selling High Definition Beauty Collection is just £249.95.

Dear Santa, define good?

Definition: You’re not sure if that thing you did, legitimately lives on the naughty list. But there were no charges pressed and nobody got hurt, even if you aren’t sure where you left your Louboutin’s. 

Our Marvellous Makeover Kit provides the best starting point to makeover your look, even if you can’t perfect your behaviour (we’ve all go to start somewhere – right?). It’s perfect for our beauty addicts, and provides lashings og high pigment colour! Featuring our High Pigment Eye Shadow Palette, Airbase Ultra Foundation, Blush or Bronze and High Pigment Lip Gloss Palette. 

The Marvellous Makeover Kit is just £99.95.

Dear Santa, I can explain!

Definition: You’ve been good, kind of – and you have some serious explaining to do. But if you’re honest you’ve slayed your way through 2017, so definitely deserve to be treated to something a little special.

Whilst you’ve got some explaining to do, (and it may take a while), you’ve definitely owned HD beauty this year. Our Prime Makeover Kit is the perfect gift to help you continue flawless, effortlessly. Featuring our seriously high-tech Platinum Primer, Airbase Ultra Foundation, for exceptional durability and our High Pigment Lip Gloss Palette - divine. 

Our Prime Makeover Kit is just £59.95.

Dear Santa, never mind - I’ll buy my own stuff…

Definition: You can’t explain. So, you’re treating yourself this year, perhaps the Prosecco got the better of you and no doubt, you intend to carry on way as you sparkle through the festivities in true high definition beauty style with your horns from Halloween firmly in-tact.

Gift yourself gorgeous, and show your true colours with our Colour Collection. With 40 High Pigment Eye Shadows and our indulgent High Pigment Lip Gloss Palette, featuring beeswax for the perfect party pout – it’s sure to put you in the spotlight. Next year is a fresh start anyway.

The Colour Collection is just £49.95.

If you’re looking for a way back on to the nice list this year, be a festive favourite and treat your friends and family to the secret of HD beauty, after all it is the season of goodwill. Discover our full range of High Definition beauty gift sets, that are sure to put you at the top of Santa’s nice list next year, even if you intend to stay on the bad list this year.