Halloween Make-up Looks

Who loves a Halloween party?

Nights are drawing in and the heatwaves of June and July are a distant memory. What’s next?! With Halloween now a serious industry in the UK (£300M last year), Airbase is tackling the devil head on and we think you are deserving of a slice of the action. Airbrush Angels; you have the equipment and you have the skills. Now let’s hone them - we have teamed up with a fabulously talented makeup artist to create a Halloween Airbrush Make-Up Course.

Halloween in mid-summer

So it’s early August and we need to formulate the range of horrifying looks that we have chosen for the Halloween workshop. We switched the fruity Pimms for a spiced rum (it helps) and enlisted the help of ultra-talented scare queen Katie Wrigley (@katiewrigley on Insta). After years of meddling with beautiful faces to turn them into something more macabre, Katie informs us that she has the most requested looks nailed. With a sweep of a broomstick at midnight (well, a spray of an airbrush at home one evening), Katie showcases the looks and takes a snap on her iPhone to show us.

Creating a Halloween Make-Up Finish with Katie Wrigley

Learn to create popular Halloween make-up looks

Unsurprisingly we like these most requested Halloween make-up looks! Katie has teamed her skills with the wide range of Airbase Aqua colours using a host of techniques to create a Candy Skull and Wicked Witch and used Airbase Ultra Silicone colours to fashion an Evil Queen (we all know one of those).

Simple! Enter Branka from Focus and Shoot (@photoandshootphotography), Katie and some fab models. A few hours later we have some finished looks, an inspired office team with a Halloween make-up course ready to roll.

Make-up inspiration, commercial inspiration, quick Halloween make-up

This Halloween course has been created to inspire you and show you the versatility of your airbrush and Airbase products. Katie has chosen these popular looks, specifically because they have commercial value and can be created in just 20-30 minutes when well practised. The workshop that Katie has curated just for us is designed to show you different skills. The Witch, Skull and Queen all utilise an array of techniques while capitalising on the versatility of our airbrush products. We want you to be enthused and to get creative and offer Halloween looks to your client base.

The course is running at 5 venues around the UK. Leeds, Manchester, London, Liverpool and Bristol, taking place at weekends. You get plenty of time with the airbrush in hand to practice these looks with Katie's guiding hand. Using your imagination and skills picked up and developed, we have no doubt that you can conjure up your own scare-fest creations.

Call us for more info 0115 9678 691 or check out the training section on our website.