Body Art Galactical Zoo by Helen Miles

Discover a festival of body art creativity

As explained on the official website of the annual get together, the World Body Painting Festival is a visual culture & music festival. As its name suggests, the festival celebrates the human form and the art of bodypainting, with artists from 50 nationalities gathering to display their work.

Helen, who trained at Olive Academy in Warminster entered the Amateur Open Category, where the theme was ‘Galactic Zoo’. She not only competed but networked with the judges and picked up some new skills at the academy workshops taking place throughout the event.

Amazing airbrush stencil and freehand creations

Central to her sci-fi creation was Airbase Aqua body paints and with her vivid imagination, creativity with an airbrush and inspiration from the ‘Vidiians’ race in Star Trek Voyager, Helen drew on several different parts of earths organisms to bring to life an amazing creature to represent our globe. Helen combined a number of techniques in creating this monster. Handmade stencils, EVA foam, 3D printing, latex and silicone were all incorporated to ensure that the tough skill requirements of this category were included in the finished look.

We asked Helen why she chose Airbase Aqua

"When I planned my design, I looked around at which greens would suit my design best and Airbase is a brand which has two very vibrant greens (Lime and Evergreen). From past experience, I knew they covered well in one coat and do not clog my airbrush. They are not too thick flow easily without losing pigmentation and throughout the range, pigment coverage and thickness of the solution remains the same; there is not an odd colour which is more likely to clog or need a higher pressure to run through the airbrush".

Commented Helen Miles.

We are unbelievably impressed with Helen’s entry and we're so excited to see Airbase Aqua used at such a prestigious festival where the cream of the body art world showcase their talents. Helen placed a very credible 19th in the Amateur Open Category with Germany’s Murml Gold taking the title.

Helen is definitely our Champion though.

Helen Miles Insta: @Whimsical_sorceress