Glow Up Team After Airbrushing TutorialsWith 8 episodes the series explored all angles of creativity and technical make-up application for the artistically driven, aspiring MUAs, with Ellis Hill crowned the winner. But did they really master the airbrush on set?

Kick the tradition, get - set airbrush

The show touched upon airbrush make-up, but we wanted to give four of the aspiring make-up artists that shot to fame for their innovation and creativity, technical insight into the benefits of using an airbrush in comparison to more traditional methods of applying body and face paints.

Tiffany Hunt, Leigh Easthope, Belinda Chatterton and Ellis Hill were invited to gain some well-honed knowledge from Carolyn Deacock, Head of the Airbase Pro Team. With relatively low levels of experience with airbrush in hand, the stars were keen to develop this iconic application technique and explore more creative avenues for the airbrush.

“I’m great creatively, I think I have that nailed, but if there’s chance to brush up and learn any technical make-up skills, I’ll clear my diary.”

Commented, Ellis Hill, Winner of Glow Up Season 1.

Glow Up stars, get top airbrush makeup tips

Carolyn provided the famous four with an intensive airbrush training day which included key areas of airbrush handling, from airbrush control to dexterity – many of the skills you’d learn find in our Introductory Course to Airbrushing Make-Up (RRP: £180.00 inc VAT).

With a few airbrushing secrets to boot, they got to work applying all they had leaned with airbrush in hand. Mixing Airbase Aqua paints, (the more colourful sister of our famous Ultra Foundation), trying drop shadows, using different ‘props’ as stencils, trying out freehand templates, spraying unicorn patterns and even trying out Airbase Aqua in the hair. The theme of the aqua range and the aim of the day was to ‘unleash the creativity’ and Tiff, Ellis, Leigh and Belinda did that in spades!

Tiffany Hunt Airbrush Make-Up

Ellis Hill prides his airbrush

Our Glow Up students created unique masterpieces direct from the minds of this artistic team - extensive in detail; vivid in colour and fuelled with creativity – impressive results all round. It really does show that with a little dedication, airbrushing is a skill all can master and shouldn’t be limited to a foundation base – it’s perfect for body art too.

Since the workshop, Ellis has been hooked and used the airbrush on a Rainbow Road look he create for Pride, while Leigh showed off his freehand skull on Instagram explaining how much easier blending is with an airbrush and Belinda ‘caged’ herself with a really creative concept.

“I’m delighted with the level of skill the team demonstrated at the end of the day. It was great to support this creative process as it was realised with an airbrush.”

Commented, Carolyn Deacock, Head of Pro Team.

Final Creations Body Art Glow Up StarsTop treats for the new airbrush experts

The Glow Up stars all took home a Face Painting Starter Kit to practice and hone their skills with. See their creations on the Airbase Instagram page @airbasemakeup and on the Glow Up Star’s own Insta pages:

Ellis Hill: @ellis_atlantis  |  Belinda Chatterton: @beautybybelinda  |  Tiffany Hunt: @illumin_arty  |  Leigh Easthope: @easthope_fx